Pine Meadow Farms
Boarding Prices
For $100 a month per horse, we provide a 1-3 acre paddock with pasture, shed, water and feed troughs.  We feed your grain/supplements to your horse once each day.  The owner furnishes the grain and any supplements they want fed to their 
horses.  Two horses in one field will cost $200,  3 horses in one field will be $275, and 4 horses in one field will be $350.  We have a minimum stay of 2 months.  
Stall Boarding
Pasture Board
We provide stall boarding only on a temporary basis.  Stall boarding is $250 per month and the owner furnishes the feed/hay.
For travelers, we provide overnight stall or paddock (whichever is available) board for $20 per night.  
If you desire to feed your horses more than once each day, that is your option.  You can come and go as you please.  The horse owner is also responsible for feeding hay to their own horses if they so desire.  If the horse owner desires to have the Agent of Pine Meadow Farms feed more than once each day, or to have hay fed to their horses, this can be arranged at an additional cost to the horse owner.
1 Horse---$100 Month
2 Horses--$200 Month
3 Horses--$275Month 
4 Horses--$350 Month
1 Miniature-$85 Month
We provide an area in the barn for you to store your hay if you desrie to buy some and feed it to your horses. 
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