For several years, we bred and raised Tennessee Walking Horses.  We started boarding horses 12 years ago and have steadily grown into a full boarding operation.
Our farm is not fancy, and that is reflected in our boarding prices.  Most of our boarders have been here for several years, and we have a minimal turnover.    At the advice of a very experienced veternarian, we strive to make everything as natural as possible.  We prefer to do no stall boarding unless absolutely necessary.  Each of our 10 paddocks contains a water trough, feed troughs and a shed.  Most horses will only go in the shed if  the weather is both rainy and cold.
Pine Meadow Farms
Farm Facts
We are located on Hwy 29, approximately 13 miles North of Interstate 10 (Pensacola, FL).   
Address: Pine Meadow Farms
                   4450 N. Hwy 29
                   Molino, FL 32577
Phone:     850-450-7157
We feed all horses once each day.  Most of the water troughs are controlled by an electronic timer that fills the troughs 2 or 3 times each day.  Our fields are mostly American field fence with an electric wire on top as needed..
The horses most often prefer to be in the field.  Over the 10 years we raised our own horses, we had over 40 of our own.  "Never" did we have a sick horse and never had one to collick.
There are 3 feed stores within 5 miles of the farm.  You can purchase pre-packaged feed or one of the mills will custom mix your feed.
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